27 Inch Top Load Commercial Washer, aJ Madison

10/28/16 m That's like Trump calling himself 'Best President' it is plainly false, and both are frauds! A very formulaic fake investment scheme. Just don't send any bitcoin, and you can't lose anything. The next level would be as wide as your wall. Org This hyip/fake mining operator stems from the 'Kipisa' ponzi fraud - no surprises.

BitcoinCollector - Earn free bitcoins

5/3/14 We haven't seen many hyips recently, they all became ICO's, but the heat from regulators means they are back again! The address you provided is not a valid bitcoin address!

Faucets List, faucetHub - Bitcoin

1/18/16 m Limited is right. 8/2615 m A basic bit of advice, but never order from a site that has no SSL/https, your details are unencrypted, and visible to hackers. 6/22/16 m Outrageous claims from this blatant fake mining domain!

Philips 20-Watt

Mmuusstt bbee tthhiiss ddoouubblleerr ssccaamm. You pay for level ups, then the ponzi bans you.

Linear T12 Fluorescent Light Bulb

6/24/17 z The Btc that this scam makes is really cheap, and will just fall apart on you. 9/26/15 m If you send bitcoin, they will give you half of it back.