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Apply code during checkout. Its feature set, interface, and overall user experience is comparable to that of phpMyAdmin for, mySQL. Install with, composer : "require "beberlei/lite-cqrs "1.1 workflow.

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For 24/7 support, please consider acquiring a commercial license. Command- and Event-Handlers are lazily loaded from the Symfony Dependency Injection Container. For Docker, an unofficial dockerized version of phpLiteAdmin is available on github and docker hub. License Details Developers A single developer license enables one developer to use phpGrid for development purpose. These objects are really dumb and only contain public properties.

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Monolog A plugin that logs the execution of every command and handler using Monolog. See the Symfony cookbook for more information.

GitHub - contextio/PHP-Lite-ContextIO: The PHP client library for the

Igor Hlina downloads, adminer.6.2 (.php, 452 kB English only (.php, 309 kB adminer.6.2 for MySQL (.php, 339 kB English only (.php, 202 kB source codes (.zip, 690 kB Current development version. Update, insert, delete, edit the content of your tables, insert new rows or delete existing ones. The core library has no dependencies on other libraries. Slashdot: News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters. Most Popular Enterprise All databases 20 Add to Cart!

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I'm not creating "downloads". False) print_r(r- getData break; else x; sleep(5 /don't retry immediately. User Reviews, be the first to post a review of PHP Lite Framework! P implements a tic tac toe game with cqrs.