AssumeRole, aWS, security Token Service

The error message describes how big the policy document is, in packed form, as a percentage of what the API allows. Amazon Web Services is Hiring.

Assume-role, aWS, cLI.15.22 Command Reference

Maximum length. Testing a profile You can test a profile using aws-assume-role test -p company_sso Logged in as: User: Account: arn:aws:iam: :user/username ARN: aidaioswingtb Running applications You can run another application using aws-assume-role run -p company-dev - aws ec2 describe-instances -query -outputtext Because we've enabled MFA, aws-assume-role. If the user and the role are in a different account, then the user's administrator must attach a policy. These credentials are accessible only from within the instance, but they are not stored on the instance.

You need more than one AWS account : AWS bastions and

(Specifically, a new "session" with that role.). Now that you've set up permanent credentials in your OS credential store, you can now set up a role that you will assume in every day use: aws-assume-role configure role -p company-dev -source-profile company_sso -role-arnarn:aws:iam: :role/ViewEC2 -role-session-namegrowthsmith -mfa-serial automatic -mfa-serial automatic will look up your. Development Tests are conducted by Travis. Pattern:.@-* Required: No TokenCode The value provided by the MFA device, if the trust policy of the role being assumed requires MFA (that is, if the policy includes a condition that tests for MFA). Find the AWS Account ID from the My Account page in the AWS Management Console drop-down.

Delegating API Access

This is useful for cross-account scenarios in which you want to make sure that the user who is assuming the role has been authenticated using an AWS MFA device. We strongly recommend that you make no assumptions about the maximum size. When you assume an IAM role, you get a set of temporary security credentials that have the permissions associated with the role.

AWS, services Using IAM Roles

The ARN and ID include the RoleSessionName that you specified when you called AssumeRole. Profile (added.6 default: None Uses a boto profile. Create an IAM user within the enterprise account assign a user policy to the IAM user that allows only the actions required by the SaaS application create a new access and secret key for the user and provide these credentials to the SaaS provider.