How to Add a Bitcoin Donate Button to Your WordPress Site

This will be used in the header of your payment modal (as well as on payment pages ). We grew our traffic 1,187 with WordPress.

How to Create a Bitcoin Donate Button Blockonomics Blog

Data-button-style Optional param, one of buy_now_large, buy_now_small, donation_large, donation_small, subscription_large, subscription_small, custom_large, custom_small, or none. Step 1 First youll need to create a donate button in WordPress. So within the time it took us to write a single blog post it has decreased in value by almost 400!

Coinwidget - Donation button for bitcoin

In fact, weve used them for all of our clients while bootstrapping Kinsta to 7-figures. Step 4 You now need to generate your private keys for the GoURL plugins, so create a free account. Do keep in mind there is a 1 conversion fee associated with the platform, which some people may see as a slight drawback. QR Code, although third-party donation services are convenient, there is no better way to fully control incoming donations than by using one of your own bitcoin addresses. Buttons can be thought of as disposable (they are just a way to hard code a name and price into a code attribute) so if you mess up you can always start over with a new button.

Bitcoin Donate Button WordPress Plugins

Coinwidget helps you to receive donations in bitcoins. BitAddress provides this functionality as well, but some users prefer to generate their own addresses with a wallet they fully control.

Bitcoin Donation Button

Enter your wallet address for this widget: Customize Text Button Label Address Label Count Label Amount Label Restore Defaults. Please, consider donate us by clicking in the button above. One important setting is the Payment Success Page URL. If anything its an exciting financial topic to follow.

Bitcoin and Litecoin Donation Button

Users who are new to bitcoin can also learn how to purchase their first bitcoins from within the payment widget. Here is a jQuery example which uses custom javascript events and a custom link to trigger the payment modal: a href class'my-custom-link' Show Me The Modal! This can be used, for example, to redirect the user to a 'confirmation page where you wait for the callback to reach your site. Log Payment expired for button " code window. Send bitcoin Option 3 Create Bitcoin Donate Button With Coinbase (code) The third option is similiar to option 2 above, were just going to do it with code and no plugins.

Quick and dirty bitcoin donation button, as seen

Once your done customizing it, make sure to grab the shortcode on the right, as youll need to drop this into your page or post. The company even developed a set of nonprofit tools anyone can incorporate into any website with relative ease.