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(5) Krypton-fluorine lasers produce pulses with 500 times the power of the entire.S. William Ramsay actually did believe compounds would be possible, writing in 1902: I have had for a long time the idea that krypton and xenon may enter into combinations much more easily than the other gases; but how to bring it about? It took another 60 years before his question would be answered. Of these, six isotopes 78Kr, 80Kr, 82Kr, 83Kr, 84Kr and 86Kr occur naturally.

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Abundance, spin, mag Moment 78Kr.920400.35 0 80Kr.916380.25 0 82Kr.913482.6 0 83Kr.914135.5 9/2 -0.970 84Kr.911507.0 0 86Kr.910616.3 0, kr I  Ground State 1 s 22 s 22 p 63 s 23 p 63 d 104. (4) Krypton is not very abundant in our planets atmosphere: For every krypton atom, there are about 8200 argon atoms, 184 000 oxygen molecules and 685 000 nitrogen molecules. Ionized krypton gas appears whitish see photo on left which makes krypton-based bulbs useful as a brilliant white light source in high speed photography. (See Interesting Facts below.). With this in mind, Travers removed oxygen and nitrogen from the gas using red-hot copper and magnesium.

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Ramsay wondered about the possibility of finding small amounts of the elusive new element hiding in one of his earlier discoveries, argon. (6) Appearance and Characteristics Harmful effects: Krypton is considered to be non-toxic. Applications Some of the applications of krypton include the following: High-power, flashing airport runway lights Krypton-based bulbs serve as excellent white light source for photographic flashes in high speed photography It is used for manufacturing colorful neon lights.

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Lemploi de la radiation du Krypton, et plus prcisment de son isotope 86, permettait de dfinir le mtre avec une prcision 1000 fois plus leve. It is used in MRI/CT techniques. Naval Research Laboratory, Krypton-fluorine lasers.

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