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And does this give ANT a good price jump in the future or not? An uncapped number of tokens will be sold during.

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Aragon to run a company rather than coding things themselves? If I am understanding it correctly it looks like it could be a really good long term investment.

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So I am a little confused by the future. Early contributors, presale partners and advisors will acquire tokens which vest over time through smart contracts. Erik Voorhees, aragon is pioneering the change in organizational structures, redefining how companies are managed worldwide.

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We believe vesting should become a de-facto standard for all blockchain projects, added Cuende). Help us to make Finance Magnates better! Aragon s upcoming token sale, said Erik Voorhees, founder and CEO of ShapeShift.

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As a team we are dedicated and committed to the long term success of the project. Aragon token sale will be one of the first to restrict Founder and early contributor rewards with tokens which vest using smart contracts.

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Featuring many of the leading blockchain tokens, ShapeShift will provide. Entering into the token pre-sale as institutional partners are. In addition, Aragon lists a number of individual pre-sale contributors including Joe Urgo, Director of Operations for Ethlance and Danielle Levi, co-founder of Stampery.