About how many Komodo dragons are left in the wild - Answers

OR they EAT BOO BOO hehehehehhehehhhee since ive been in Indonesia i have been studying komodo dragons here and i have found out that the population is very low and that about 10-15 are still present in the area. These figures do not take into account all the smaller members ofthe kangaroo family, including wallaroos, all the species ofwallabies, quokkas, rufous rat-kangaroos and pademelons right downto the tiny desert-dwelling musky rat kangaroos. A small island location named Padar once had Komodo dragons living there, but theyre now extinct because of poaching.

How many komodo dragons are left in the world today

At least twenty million seahorses are traded each year - the majority used as traditional medicines. If you mean as a fire-breather, no: the Komodo dragon is just the world's largest lizard - specifically, a monitor lizard.

How many dragons are left in the world

Kiwi are found only in New Zealand. From what I have heard there are 15,000 to 20,000 Mustangs remain in the wild. A study in 2011 by the WWF found only 79 sloths intheir natural home of Escudo de Veraguas. Welcome to Komodo National Park! Answer The Giant Panda population was thought to be about 1,600 - 2,000.

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Where new colonies have been established on Kangaroo island, off the coast of South Australia, there is also beginning to be some concern regarding overpopulation. Reaching 10 feet in length and more than 300 pounds, Komodo dragons are the heaviest lizards on Earth. On these islands, the dragons are kept warm by the hot sun rays (this warm environment is very important as they are reptiles and therefore cold-blooded; thus they need the heat to warm their bodies).

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Once they get large enough(usually a few years) they get on the ground and because they are still to small to defend themselves they will roll in feces so that they are not as apealing to the older komodos. Hippos are indentified as vulnerable species in 2006 and the estimated numbers are 20,000 to 25,000 since ive been in Indonesia i have been studying komodo dragons here and i have found out that the population is very low and that about 10-15 are still. There are some places people have never looked for fossils yet because they are hard to get to, like under the ice in mainland Antarctica (people have looked for fossils on the some of the coast and island of Antarctica.) If someone wants to work. Are seeing Komodo Dragons on your bucket list? Our vision: to become a world leader at connecting people to wildlife and conservation.

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Adult komodo dragons prey on younger dragons. In 2011, acrossthese four states alone, there were approximately.514 millionred kangaroos,.348 million western grey kangaroos,.057 millioneastern grey kangaroos and.383 million wallaroos. This flightless, nocturnal parrotof New Zealand is critically endangered.

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Oh and btw it is estimated that there are between 70- 120 million Christians in China alone. I visited in August, it was hot but it didnt feel that bad because there was a nice ocean breeze. The Komodo Dragon is not a farm animal and it is not domesticated or a pet, so it is a wild animal. Fun fact, Komodo, island is one of the, new 7 Wonders of Nature.