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According to law 3270/04 (Government Gazette 187 gnto consists of the Head Office located in Athens and the Regional Departments of Tourism (as of ). Bunking, Meeting, Remote Imaging facility (ROOst) 16-inch equatorially mounted f/6 Cave Newtonian reflector housed in the Main Dome 14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope equipped with a full array of CCD astrophotography housed in the Imaging Dome.

Gnto - The Albuquerque Astronomical Society

General Secretary of gnto : Dimitrios Tryfonopoulos, president of gnto: Spiridon Alexiou. Please review the site safety rules. Safety is paramount at this remote site.

Greek National Tourism Organization (H.Q.) (

The gnto was first established in 1927 and re-established in 1950 by Emergency Act 1565/50, ratified by law 1624/51 in the meantime, tourism fell under the competence of various ministries. For more information, contact us at: or by mail: taas,.O. Any taas Member can open the gnto Observing Field by using the gnto Observing Field Access Procedure and Checklist available in the gnto Files section. The history of gnto is a story of community.

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The gnto Clear Sky Chart below shows the forecasted sky conditions at gnto. Each of the monthly events is coordinated by an "Opener" who announces the event on taas_Talk and provides details on when the site will be open.

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Gazette no 231 A). The monthly events are an excellent opportunity to learn from other astronomers. Two fixed piers, cafe Warmup Building (Cocina Galactica). You should contact the Opener for details concerning the event.