BCH Hard Fork : Bitcoin Cash Passes 1,000, Upcoming

The same with the bitcoin ecosystem should happen. Though the entire crypto market is having a surge, the news of BCH hard fork on May 15 is helping in boosting its prices. Centralized, largescale mining is one of the few issues with bitcoin that werent predicted in Satoshis original whitepaper, and it remains one of the biggest issues in the cryptocurrency community today.

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Lawsuit Troubles, the almost-lawsuit stems from the controversy between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. It is expected that investors will access a number of services that are likely to further their interest in crypto trading. Today, one of the biggest criticisms of bitcoin is its centralized mining pool, which threatens to ruin the democratic foundation of the currency.

A 32 MB hard fork is being scheduled for Bitcoin Cash

The aim is to upgrade the size of Bitcoin Cash blocks up to 32mb. There was no official announcement,  but the website was presumably removed due to the allegations of fraud. How do the three versions of bitcoin compete against each other? The ABC in Bitcoin ABC, in fact, stands for Adjustable Blocksize Cap.

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BCH Hard Fork, april 20, 2018, casper Brown. What happens with bitcoin's blockchain cryptocurrency is yet to be seen.

Bitcoin, cash, hard, fork : It Was a Dangerous Trick Fortune

The entire crypto market is experiencing green. It would lay the ground for the crypto to establish a stronger footing, competing directly with Ethereum. At the time of writing, BCH has a trading price of 1126.13 and a market cap of 19 billion.

Bitcoin Cash bCH Market Heats Up Ahead

It does not take long to look around the cryptoverse and see who the major pushers and backers of Bitcoin Cash are. Interesting to see one of the first lead developers for bitcoin. Thats around 40 times more than Dogecoins.

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Ultimately, there are a few ways this could play out short term and obviously long term. Final Thoughts On BTC vs BCH vs BTG. This change will improve Bitcoin Cashs viability as a currency by further increasing the number of transactions that can be fit on each block.