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Ackermann asked her first for a friendly loan of US5,000 (RM16,332) and later 1,000 (RM5,277) which he agreed to repay in three weeks but did not despite a so-called lawyers agreement. The Globe and Mail. 28 In 2007, it was reported that a company under the name of Liberty Names of America (a Brandon Gray reseller 1 ) had been sending out "Domain Name Expiration Notices which one expert said is "not exactly domain name slamming. 33 McAfee Labs also reports that the domain slamming solicitations continue. Then there was a payment to be made to Malaysias Finance Ministry for foreign exchange allocation".

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Clark's Consumer Action Center is a free help line available Monday-Thursday 10am -7pm. Archived from the original on August 10, 2003.

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27 In August 2007, the Internet Centre reports of a wave of emails originating from China from Asian Domain Registration Service, implying that a domain name will be lost, or all Asian TLDs of the domain name will be taken away shortly by a foreign. 35 36 The officer registered with the Ontario government for Brandon Gray Internet Services is Marilyn Benlolo. Phil is unsure what to do as the caller told him not to talk to anyone, not even his bank, about this transaction but when the banker starts to explain some of his recent transactions, he starts to feel uneasy about the callers request.

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Retrieved Rohde, Laura (November 12, 2004). 14 In 2002, the UK Advertising Watchdog Authority (ASA) slammed Domain Registry of Europe (a Brandon Gray reseller 1 ) over similar mail shots. A b Richardson, Tim. Unbeknownst to Phil, this mornings caller was not ringing on behalf of a utility provider, but was a fraudster that had gained access to Phils PC and transferred funds from Phils credit card to his cheque account, claiming this transaction was the deposit owed. "Court bars Canadian domain slammer".

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Accreditation processes must be reviewed, and that review must be released for public scrutiny". As well, some domainers are known to search for available TLDs for already registered domains, then emailing the owner of the registered domain and offering to sell the unregistered variations to him/her for a marked up amount. Eager to help, Phil follows the callers instructions to install some software on his. .