How Much Money Can You Make Mining With Your Gaming PC?

Edit Jan 2014: It is hardly worth mining with my 5Gh/s Jalapeo now, I reckon I'm making only a bit over a dollar a day (unless the price of BTC goes up even more that is). Like all assets, though, you could lose moneyand thats true whether you buy cryptocurrencies on an exchange, or whether you invest in a setup designed to mine them.

How much money do Bitcoin miners make?

The operation requires no more effort than signing in to an exchange once in a while to sell the coins that you've mined. The Bitcoin network is designed to produce a valid block for the blockchain about every 10 minutes.

Can You Make Money Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin Wiki notes, people dont even bother tracking the Bitcoin hashrate of modern graphics processors because asics are so many times more efficient. And then you are basically printing money. However, some miners spend more than 10,000 on their rigs.

What is Bitcoin Mining and is it Profitable in 2018?

However, you spent 1200 on that AntMiner, so you really only made 124.12 per AntMiner in your first year. Mining has become more difficult over time, and is only becoming more difficult as times goes. This leads to a sort of arms raceyou have to upgrade your asics to stay profitable because other people are upgrading theirs. If you think bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency) will rise in the future, you might be better off buying fractions of coins and holding onto them.

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable?

Once again, some miners prefer to use cloud mining contracts to collect dash, z-cash, ethereum, and other cryptos and convert those to bitcoin later. Any Bitcoin mined is a reward for producing these blocks.