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The other option is to disable OTP mode on your YubiKey device. Why are the agent buttons greyed out / why doesn't it work? Stop account takeovers with simple and strong two factor authentication. This is a feature in KDE's platform theme. U2F is only supported by Chrome and Opera as of January 2017.

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Once thats set up, go back to the Security and Login Settings page and look underneath where it says "Setting up extra security." Next to the menu item "Use two-factor authentication click Edit. Older TCP socket based KeePasshttp has been replaced with native messaging, and traffic is encrypted with libsodium's Public-key authenticated encryption. As it happens we all need to be conscious about problems with OTP and push for more widespread adoption of U2F. This is a bug caused by appmenu-qt5. The SSH Agent feature uses the entry password field as the decryption key.

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For more detailed info, please see the project's GitHub page. You can use them in either place, along with your password, to authenticate web logins. Stop account takeovers with scalable, strong two factor authentication.

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One of the most important steps you can take to secure your online services is setting up two-factor authentication. Popular services that support U2F and fido2, like Facebook, Google, and Dropbox, are listed at the top. Go to, database / Database settings, select, encryption and choose. When using normal DSA or RSA keys, the private key file does not contain any embedded text.

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YubiKey or forget it at home, you can use the secure code generator on your phone to complete your 2FA logins. How do I get my YubiKey to work with the Snap? No, KeePassXC only works on desktop systems. Here are some YubiKeys: YubiKey, nano, the smaller device in the picture, is especially designed for scenarios where you keep your key plugged into the computer.

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YubiKey, neo NFC authentication to their apps. KeePassXC-Browser requires.3, which is not available on Ubuntu.04 Trusty. On Linux, most desktops are already running an agent without any set up required.