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Rose with bud on either side. The Impact of Digital Evolution, digital world is moving forward and fast, whether you like it or not, it's a necessity that you must be part of it, you may not like it, because that's the future trend. A Napoleon 5-centime coin (in bell metal ) and Napoleon and Restoration 1-dcime coins were minted.

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17.5 Head of Athena, facing, in helmet with three crests. 437) that in fabric they differ from all other archaic coins struck in any of the Aegaean islands or in Asia Minor.

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Head of young Herakles in lion-skin, facing. Nemesis; Dioskuri standing; Tree with altar before it,.

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Gr., 307) assigns to it small bronze coins probably of the third century. The most remark- able coin of this age is, however, the unique tetradrachm in the Hunter Collection : Head of Aphrodite, wearing myrtle- wreath bound with diadem, and neck- lace. The quasi-regal issues of Alexandrine tetradrachms and of imitations of the gold. Full-blown rose to front; below, palm; all in dotted circle. These followed in 1796 by "territorial mandate promises" for 25 up to 500 francs.

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A few inscriptions in 635 the Doric dialect have been copied in the island (C. Crab, club, and magistrate's name in dotted square. Islands OFF caria Astypalaea, midway between Cos and Amorgos, was a port on the trade-route between Phoenicia, Cyprus, Rhodes, Cnidus, Cos, and Euro- pean Greece on the west. Vine-branch with grapes,.1; or obv. Pegasos or Tripod in laurel-wreath.

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An edict dated established the centerpiece of this policy, a gold coin officially called the denier dor aux fleurs de lis which had a standing figure of the king on its obverse. 408 the three independent Rhodian towns, Camirus, Ialysus, and Lindus, combined to found the new city of Rhodus near the extreme northern point of the island. 4 and Miletus (Ant.

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Head of Aphrodite Euploia; Rev. Head and neck of bull. Incuse square, within which forepart of lion; beneath, magistrates name. Bust of Artemis, rev.