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Amy Winehouse performs onstage during the 46664 Concert In Celebration Of Nelson Mandela's Life held at Hyde Park on June 27, 2008 in London, England. He is a man that could truly say but would never do so the words, I AM legend!".

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That is all of the rare Mandela coins have shown the highest financial returns of any rare coins in the world regardless of any of the obstacles that have been placed in front of them. It was just that OIN was the only coin company that was intelligent enough to listen to what the consumers in the market place wanted. You can buy a high grade 90th birthday Mandela rare coin for only R750. There is just so much more market momentum now.

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To put that into perspective we on occasion in a single day do a greater turnover than most of our tiny little competitors in an entire year. The companies that grade these coins then keep accurate numbers of the coins that they grade.

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It must also be borne in mind that there is also a lot of simple plain sour grapes and plain jealousy that is out there in the regard of the rare Mandela R5 coins. Firstly it was OIN that identified the huge market opportunity for the rare Mandela R5 coins when we saw that South Africans were collecting them en masse. SA t Home, our Graded Coins, mS 69 Mandela R, mS 68 Mandela R, mS 67 Mandela R, mS 66 Mandela R, mS 65 Mandela R, mS 64 Mandela R, mS 63 Mandela R, mS 62 Mandela R, mS 61 Mandela R, mS 60 Mandela. Use it to make a purchase so that the next person can also experience the beauty of the coin. They are by far the hottest rare coin issue that has ever been minted.

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Today this is a global fruit that is known all over world. Today the finest known of these coins the PF-69s are valued at over R 1 million rand each and the second finest known the PF-68s are selling for over R100 000 per coin. Comparing other rare coins with the Mandela R5 coins is like getting a person to compete with a Bugatti Veyron in a race of speed. That means that they thought that there was a very real possibility that South Africans were going to hoard R million coins!

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People that know very, very little about rare coins think that for a coin to be rare it must be made in a precious metal, be very, very old or have a very small mintage. They are fast becoming one of the hottest South Africa exports.

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There are very few investments that are available anywhere in the world that have the potential in one year to double in value within the space of one year! Rare coins do not have to be old to be rare. Now if you are able to understand everything that you have just read above then you are quick to realise that the rare Mandela R5 coins are in their infancy of growth at this time.