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"fktk brdina par OneCoin sniegtajiem pakalpojumiem" (in Latvian). 3 In March 2017, the Croatian National Bank (HNB) advised the public to "exercise a high degree of caution" in decisions involving OneCoin, noted that OneCoin operations are not supervised by the HNB, and warned that possible losses will be fully borne by the investors. Author: The OneCoin Team Date: Aug 8, 2017 Based on its investigative report, SEC issued later an official press release discussing the issue of sales and offerings of digital assets by a virtual organization, aka The DAO and defines them as securities, subject to federal.

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"Finns investing millions in new virtual currency; police keeping tabs on case". 7, the company and its recruiters claims that OneCoin doesn't sell cryptocurrency but only educational material. "BoT warns public about OneCoin currency". 20 19 International Financial Services Commission of Belize ( ifsc ) issued a warning about OneLife Network Ltd conducting trading business without license or permission from ifsc or any other authority.

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37 After the warning, OneCoin ceased all activity in Bulgaria and started to use banks in foreign countries to handle wire transfers from participants. You will be able to exchange these OneCoins over the next months for so-called OFCs.

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"Warning on onecoin Cryotocurrency". "OneCoin Vietnamese regulatory document forged, govt says".

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Archived from the original. "Bulgarian Police Raids OneCoin Offices, 'Ponzi Scheme' Servers Shut Down".

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Read, oneCoin Latest News, read all the latest news and stories worth telling about OneCoin. "OneCoin product carries many risks". "Chinese authorities investigating OneCoin, investors arrested". The DealShaker is the thrilling result of the collaboration between OneLife and OneCoin. Notably, the Österbotten police official predicted that a wider investigation into OneCoin could be launched jointly between several law enforcement agencies within Europe or beyond.