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Market Cap: Donate Bitcoin donate Litecoin, donate Ethereum 0x donate Bitcoin Cash we use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, and serve targeted advertisements. REQ and Kyber are actually partners. The official product launch will happen this quarter. Request is a decentralized network that allows anyone to request a payment for which the recipient can pay in a secure way. Beyond this quarter, the Request Network team will be adding a bunch of cool stuff to this platform.

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You can check out the roadmap on their site, but some of the nicest features added in Q2 and Q3 will be things like adding fiat currencies, deploying an escrow extension, a tax extension, a late fees extension, and a down payment extension. This results in cheaper, easier, and more secure payments, and it allows for a wide range of automation possibilities. Subscribe unsubscribe 33,235 readers 872 users here now, welcome to the official Request Network Subreddit.

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Decentralized, projects built on Request - Contact /u/rmaz to get your project listed here. Fees are also much lower compared to Paypals average of 1 to 5 fees, with most transactions only costing.05 REQ charge. Request Network (REQ) is trading 14 higher at the time of writing, probably in anticipation of this ERC20 tokens addition to Koinex a pretty small cryptocurrency exchange where REQ will be listed in about 4 hours.

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Koinex isnt anywhere near the highest volume exchange, with only about.9 million worth of trades processed in the past 24 hours. REQ is developed on the Ethereum network, a decentralized network which allows for users to create invoices, which are simply requests for payments to be made. There is a lot of reason for investors to believe this coins price will appreciate heavily in the next few months.

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But Request Network (REQ) is ramping up to a main net launch soon, and its roadmap outlines a lot of cool features that this payments platform will add in 2018. Add metadata to Request to send formal invoices (the above bullet points are directly from. Detect payment even before appearance on the blockchain. It is also backed by the famous Y Combinator, the start up company responsible for the growth of firms like Slack, Dropbox and Airbnb.

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Also: REQ fees conversion through Kyber Network. It does look a lot like a quick pump on that news there isnt any other signs of REQ-related current events that could be jumpstarting this coins price.