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You cannot put MultiPoolMiner inside directorires such as Program Files. Open the t in a text editor and look for '-algorithm Delete the algorithms you don't want to mine. You can also exclude the cpu option if you don't want to mine with your processor. Txt required, see below) Pool allows mining selected coins only,.g mine only ZClassic (Advanced configuration via Config. Important notes, it is not recommended but to upgrade from a previous version of MultiPoolMiner, you may simply copy the 'Stats' folder.

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Extract it to a non-restricted or user-created folder such as Desktop, Downloads, Documents, C:MPM etc. Not all miners support multiple GPUs and this is a workaround to resolve this issue. BTC address: all data is stored under and identified by the Bitcoin address set with the -wallet command WorkerName: the name of the worker you set using the -workername command, also used for sorting MinerName: the current miner software the worker is running Type: device. Payments are made in BTC, btcd, rads and VRC.

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Hero Member, offline, activity: 659, merit: 500, beware with ENT, shaddy things happen when try to mine. The 't' file is an example that shows how to run the script without prompting for a username. As MPM repeatedly polls the pools over time, the more correct the reported accuracy (i.e. This feature has had minimal testing so use at your own risk. There is no direct download).

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I want to mine 80 of the time to wallet A and 20 of the time to wallet. Web Installer, cCMiner (nvidia cards only) may need 'msvcr120.dll' if you don't already have it: px? Note that the pool selected also needs to support the required algorithm(s) or your specified pool (-poolname) will be ignored when mining certain algorithms. Watchdog timers expire if three of those intervals pass without being kicked. Txt (see below) - ZergPool Payout in BTC (Bitcoin address must be provided using the -wallet command, see below or any currency available in API (Advanced configuration via Config.

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The estimated profit for each pool/algorithm combo is reduced by a calculated percentage amount (see below for specifics) to determine a "biased" estimated profit. Miners of API type 'Wrapper' will remain hidden. Is there an option to split earnings? Default is 1 (t default is 2).

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I am getting the following error: "NetFirewallRule - Access denied" A20. Select Algo: last 48 Hours, average Hashrate:.1 TH/s.