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Ark Brunel News, on Monday 19th June, Brunel held its annual Science week. DNA analysis of the mysterious washed up whale and other Bairds beaked whales, revealed they are more closely related to Arnouxs beaked whale from the Southern Hemisphere than they are to each other. It was also too short to be an adult, but showed signs of old age. A team of scientists conducted DNA analysis of 178 beaked whales from around the Pacific Rim and found eight known examples of the mysterious new species stashed in museums, including the Smithsonian Institution and an Alaska high school. Facebook feed Tweets Our events.

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However, when Wikie says 'hello' it means absolutely nothing to her. Young musicians from Ark schools across England will band together for the first ever Summer Sounds Music Festival, celebrating music-making across. A tissue sample from the carcass later showed that the whale was one of the newly identified species. The fact the whale produces these sounds shows they are able to learn sounds by copying and helps us understand their lives in the wild. If you have labels, descriptions of what things are.

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Ark Brunel News, on 3rd October, the Food Explorers team joined us at Brunel for a week of activities and trips aimed at exploring the food we eat and learning to make more informed choices about the nutr. Beaked whales remain among the least known whales in the ocean, with several species identified only in the past few decades. Whales are known for using complex clicks and singing to communicate with each other - even if they are hundreds of miles apart. Clicks are believed to be primarily used for navigation and identifying objects such as prey in the environment but they are also used for social interactions. Open days We hold open days on Thursdays at 11am to show prospective parents around the school.

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An earlier Japanese study had suggested that the black whales, sometimes considered a dwarf form of Bairds beaked whale, might represent a new species, which lead to the genetic hunt to solve the mystery. Norwegian and Icelandic herring-eating orcas are believed to have different vocalisations for activities such as hunting and travelling. Please contact the office on to make an appointment. Ark Brunel News, ark Brunel is one of twelve London primary schools to feature in this years Parliamentary Review and last night, headteacher Dominic Smith attend its launch at the Houses of Parliament. Skip to main content, parent tours every thursday AT 11AM.

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When Wikie says 'hello' it means absolutely nothing to her. Dr Morin said: As much as we know about the genetic heritage of this animal, we still do not know very much about the animal itself. It's thought that individuals learn their dialect though contact with their mothers and other pod members.

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Previously researchers thought mimicking human speech was limited to some primates, birds, elephants, dolphins and seals. Whales that are closely related or live together produce similar pulsed calls that carry vocal characteristics distinct to the group, known as a dialect. Dr Jose Abramson, from Complutense de Madrid University in Spain, said: 'Yes, it's conceivable.