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Pascal's Extended Pascal Compiler tested on DOS, Windows.1, 95, 98,. Retrieved Bamberger, Lothar; Davenport, James.; Fischer, Hans-Christoph; Kok, Jan; Schumacher, Günter; Ullrich, Christian; Wallis, Peter. It is aimed at providing alternative solutions for PHP and node. Free Pascal (or fpc ) - Free Pascal adopted the de facto standard dialect of Pascal programmers, Borland Pascal and, later, Delphi. The first Pascal compiler written in North America was constructed at the University of Illinois under Donald.

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"History of Java" (PDF). I-Pascal is an Object Pascal IDE plug-in for the IntelliJ idea platform. The development releases have version numbers.1.x. The compiler improved gradually, and the DOS version migrated to the GO32v2 extender.

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Delphi on the, microsoft Windows platform. The latest release.0.4.

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The Standard Pascal Model Implementation was also based on this compiler, having been adapted, by Welsh and Hay at Manchester University in 1984, to check rigorously for conformity to the BSI 6192/ISO 7185 Standard and to generate code for a portable abstract machine. Some of these restrictions can be lifted in newer dialects. Its primary goal was to add dynamic lists and types, allowing it to be used in roles similar to Lisp.

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In March 2014, the last point release in the.6 series,.6.4, was launched, featuring mostly database (fcl-db) updates. It included a number of features for structured programming that remain common in languages to this day. At the same time Microsoft also implemented the Object Pascal compiler.