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Our thanks to m for providing the data as part of their. Median pay for 2006 approached 30,000 annually (600 weekly) making this a potentially strong paying option for those interested. Whether it is the extreme pressure of the job or the ability to save a life every time you clock into work, this career is definitely one for high energy people. Are you not sure where to even start looking? 11th 2011 5:04.

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With this certification you can work at assisted living, group homes, and other residential facilities. But for students who struggle with mathematics and the hard sciences, the list of four-year degrees featuring accounting, finance, electrical and mechanical engineering and computer science was no doubt overwhelming.

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The key when entering the field is to do your homework. With median pay topping 30,000 a year, this field offers a unique career option that would also include high tech video surveillance to check on any cheaters, either those gambling or even employees of the firm. Not only is it a great paying career, but also one where you can find work in many different fields. First, nace is characterizing the job market for 2011 graduates as good, a full shelf above last years fair rating. The position allows for flexible scheduling as well as a good salary.

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Most states require no formal training for these positions with median pay.00 per hour. Today however, students are expected to complete a one- or two-year certificate or a diploma program first.

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Certified Nursing Assistant, a certified nursing assistant (CNA) career will put you on the front lines of patient care. The growth of the regulated gambling industry is providing a whole new field of work where the only required education tends to be a high school diploma.

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Offering median pay of nearly 600 weekly (30,000 a year the dental assistant field is expected to grow by nearly 30 over the next five years. This is a great course to take, not only because the position is in-demand right now, but because it is a great stepping stone to other career opportunities in healthcare.

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 After the course, you will be certified to draw blood from patients and prepare it for lab testing. In addition to the initial training, medical assistants also receive on-the-job training specific to their responsibilities from their employer. One shelf below in terms of pay we find manicurists and pedicurists. But looking deeper, two critical elements of that report should give young people heart. Expectations have job growth at more than with median pay for 2006 at 26,510 (12.00 per hour).