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2015-Present In March, 2015, the European Central Bank launched its own program aimed at pumping money into the financial system of Europe (similar to American Quantitative easing). 60 USD.32 EUR 61 USD.18 EUR.

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6900 EUR 8,066.10 USD. 880 USD 752.75 EUR. 160 USD 136.86 EUR. 13600 EUR 15,898.40 USD. 160 EUR 187.04 USD.

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4600 USD 3,934.84 EUR. During 2006, Euro exchange rate declined by 12, from.32.18. 5400 EUR 6,312.60 USD. In April 2011, Euro exchange rate again rocketed.48. 54 EUR.13 USD.

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150 USD 128.31 EUR. EUR to USD forecast on Thursday, July, 19: exchange rate.1594 Dollars, maximum.1768, minimum.1420. Financially disadvantaged citizens, who had contracted mortgage loans at low interest rate to purchase housing, were unable to repay their debts at higher rate. 19, eUR.21 USD.

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12700 USD 10,863.58 EUR. 5200 EUR 6,078.80 USD.

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You can disable cookies at any time, by changing your browser settings. 10400 EUR 12,157.60 USD.

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4300 EUR 5,026.70 USD. 180 EUR 210.42 USD. In early 2009, Euro exchange rate was at the level.27, and at the end of that year.50 Dollars per Euro. 12 USD.26 EUR.