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It actually reflects a broader problem of the entire ICO industry, Allan Shutt, a spokesperson for Centra, told Observer. Token holders get 50 from pure prcr income every 3 month. The company website currently lists 24 people on the staff page.

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Prcr get procent from all raised money on ICO and get bonus for start coloborate. The photo was posted by a user named bh-art, who, in other Reddit threads, claimed that Centra card was backed by an actual bank unlike many of the crypto-debit cards. After the arrests were announced on Monday, the price of Centras token on virtual currency exchanges crashed and the administrators of a Centra chat room on the Telegram messaging app expressed confusion. The case is being supervised by Valerie. No CEO is listed.

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District court in Florida on December 13, accuses the company and four of its senior membersSam Sharma, Raymond Trapani, Robert Farkas and William Hagnerof violating the.S. About Delta Tokens, send ETH directly on address and get tokens! The lawsuit, filed in the.S.  After receiving a cease-and-desist letter from a major bank directing him to remove any reference to the bank from Centras marketing materials, Sharma texted to Farkas and Trapani: we gotta get that s* removed everywhere and blame freelancers lol.

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The chairman of the.E.C., Jay Clayton, has said that most tokens offered through coin offerings should be categorized as securities and registered with regulators, which few have done. Levine of the Cyber Unit and New York Regional Office.

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Raised over 1 million dollar! Securities law through selling unregistered securities, CoinDesk reported. The thread contained a photo of what appeared to be a physical Centra card accompanied by a receipt of the cards purchase. Stox raised 33 million in its ICO in August, and Hubiit raised 6 million in the same month.