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While terrorists are not greatly concerned with disguising the origin of money, they are concerned with concealing its destination and the purpose for which it has been collected. The subsidiary, Rabobank National Association, said it doesnt dispute that it accepted at least 369 million in illegal proceeds from drug trafficking and other activity from 2009 to 2012.

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If you've read a headline about Metro Vancouver recently, chances are it was about drug overdose deaths or super-inflated housing costs. Cells of gangsters that are connected to triads here, in Toronto, in Mainland China and Hong Kong, were taking drug cash from the streets of BC, and found an ingenious way to wash. The main discovery was that gangs are using drug cash from the streets of BC, accessing these money service businesses that act as underground cash-holding banks, then were able to wash it through casinos by recruiting giantly wealthy people from China to come.

Rabobank fined for Mexican drug cartel money laundering

She was fired in July 2013. It pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States for participating in a cover-up when regulators began asking questions in 2013. How do you know? Martin told investigators that he and others allowed millions of dollars to pass through the bank. When you bring in 400 million, someone is going to notice.

US branch of Dutch Rabobank to pay big for drug money laundering

The bank maintained a list of "verified" customers whose suspicious transactions were not put under review when they were flagged by internal control systems. Jurado then set up shell companies in Europe in order to document the money as legitimate income. When law enforcement capture it they can do lab analysis and find what kind of drug dust is.

75 indicted in massive drug and money laundering operations

Rabobank's lawyer James Cavoli declined to speak to the press, and the company has yet to release a statement on the plea deal. If the government's not going to help you, and you feel the need to get money out, there are ways to do it through underground banking.

Dutch Bank to Pay 369 Million

I think it's fair to say for some reason they took their eye off the ballthat's the nicest thing you can say about the government's actions here. Organized criminal groups need to be able to launder the proceeds of drug trafficking and commodity smuggling. Layering : He then transferred the money from Panama to more than 100 bank accounts in 68 banks in nine countries in Europe, always in transactions under 10,000 to avoid suspicion. Sanctions for years by illegally conducting transactions on behalf of customers in Iran, Libya, Cuba, Sudan and Burma. It surpasses the 160 million that Wachovia Bank agreed to pay in 2010.

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BC's new NDP government has appointed independent investigator Peter German to look into the alleged money laundering scam. They're connected to big names associated to violence around River Rock, associated to illegal casinos in Richmond, associated to prostitution and loan sharking. There had to be something either grey market or black market. This was an incredible case, as we've never really seized this much cash from the streets, all in twenties. The Justice Department was alerted when the bank's office in Calexico, California, two blocks from the US-Mexico border suddenly became the firm's best-performing branch.