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Yet he sounds completely normal. The world's most notorious torrent-tracking site has temporarily renamed itself The Beijing Bay after the International Olympic Committee sought the assistance of the Swedish government to stop it from tracking clips from the ongoing Olympics in Beijing. The man even shamed Costco for allowing the "ridiculous" return to occur and the woman for asking for her money back. In RoboCop, he says the ED-209 "does not go down with a fight". Spirit Airlines apologized to passengers "who had to witness this and for the inconvenience of the delay adding in a statement, "Safety is our top priority at Spirit Airlines.".

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Video from another person on the flight from Houston to Minneapolis shows the woman racing back and forth, screaming and cursing after the flight had to stop in Rochester, Minnesota. Verbal Tic : He says "pretty much" in pretty much every review.

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This conflicts with the below trope where he constantly whined about games being too hard. "Whoa, a genie!" The Genie himself is a walking Dull Surprise, at one point something is thrown at him and he doesn't even flinch. During his Iron Man 2 review, Rhodey was reduced to "Tony's friend". The Zombies Ate My Neighbors episode also had a special Halloween Theme Tune.

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Unfortunate Implications or just a bad Woody Allen impression? He says he's really pissed off, his head is spinning and he's losing his mind.

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But it did cost her. Halloween Episode Hostile Show Takeover : The Evil Gamer does a review of Order Up after locking the Irate Gamer out of his house during an episode of Irate Gamer NEO. Tried to kill him. He's among the many that pronounce Ninja Gaiden as "Ninja Gay-den". TorrentFreak was the first English-speaking site to report the news.