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Teddywirajaya : How long lizun will stay before denom? Samanha125 L2: i have another order in for 1505 tho lol konsor88 L1: hello y people cancell Liza IB? New lambos are 10M old ones.

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Aalborg : tension, 1 tension L1: aalborg, no more minting. Samanha125, l2: you are the troll yopala : Samanha125, me no no, yobit troll lol fearus1 : that 100 per hour, I think youbit was having some fun to see what the results will.

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Humbll : ah thks luan280689 L1: Limbo.3 nothing tension L1: np Cnj1162k L1:  Anyone has an idea what the price of Liza will be). Guillosp L2: liza.3 Aprox. Humbll : my lambo seems to have vanished tension L1: humbll, it most likely vanished on many peoples account. Tension L1: CEO of vrtm listens to the community. Lucasabrey, l1: limbo divided by a quadrillion( 1,000,000,000,000,000 U have fuck all folks :D.

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And Liza back to Balance.?Please share Bro fearus1 : Samanha125, stay wioth lizun for a while, then get out at right time and go back to liza I think Samanha125 L2: fearus1, i agree, but Lizun is good even if drops fearus1 : Samanha125, ya, atleast for now. Nope just lizun Teddywirajaya : fearus1, i hope so, how much the best price to buy again lizun? And it was not so good fearus1 : Yobit* fearus1 : Dont think fun with people's money is fun tbh. Samanha125, l2: ya hool99988 L1: Are you a person making money with limbo? Samanha125 L2: Teddywirajaya, i say now 1700 is good tension L1: vrtm only.625 million tokens in existence!

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Samanha125, l2: then get the fk out fearus1 : barely any lambos in the market yopala : Samanha125, I do not lie, I have no more btc here, just.018 to speak trollbox lol graza : i'm telegram masochist yopala : Samanha125, yobit is finished for me, I do not. Samanha125, l2: tons of time, teddywirajaya : I lost in lambo denom. Samanha125, l2: Teddywirajaya, they just increased the IB today so there wont be one for awhile. I don't want happen again.