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Presidents, with the coat of arms of the Bahamas on the obverse side. 1 Crown, with James Monroe holding the flag Crossing the Delaware 1776 copper-nickel KM#246, silver KM#246a 1 Crown, (large portrait) copper-nickel KM#247, silver KM#247a 1 Crown, (small portrait surrounded by a wreath containing eight stars and an eagle) copper-nickel KM#248, silver KM#248a 1 Crown, taking. Kennedy,., conjoined busts similar.S. 1 Bill - George Washington, the face of George Washington, the first president of the United States, appears on the 1 bill. Hamilton's face was swapped in in 1929, and Jackson moved to the 20 bill.

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The Fed and Treasury discontinued the 500 bill in 1969 for lack of use. 2 Bill - Thomas Jefferson, the face of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, appears on the 2 bill. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan 1/2 Crown, gold, KM187 1 Crown, copper-nickel, KM#176 5 Crown, silver,.1 mm (3 in KM#177 10 Crowns, silver, 75 mm (3 in KM#188 Liberia edit These are all commemoratives issued in Liberia featuring images.S. Presidents issued in 2012.

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Arthur edit Coins for circulation 2012 Dollar (obverse 1st of four.S. Presidents issued in 2007. Louis Federal Reserve Bank 50 Series of 1929 National Bank Note 50 Series of 1929 Federal Reserve Note 50 Series of 1914 All 50 small size Federal Reserve Notes Series of 1928Series 192003 (with redesigned larger portrait) Series 2004A (with redesigned larger portrait) Rutherford. Lew wrote in announcing the plans in 2016. The Fed and Treasury discontinued the 1,000 bill in 1969.

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Presidents in clockwise order; Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, James Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses. Unearthing common but uncommonly known facts is alive in the lab. The first 10 bill in 1861, however, featured a portrait of Lincoln.  Is that really so? 20 Dollar Bill Andrew Jackson.

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After all, he told one confidant, he had placed Lincolns on the 10!" 100,000 Bill - Woodrow Wilson The face of President Woodrow Wilson appears on the 100,000 bill. Representative Jeff Miller (R-FL) followed suit with the "Ronald Wilson Reagan Half Dollar Act" (H.R. Government has launched several failed campaigns to increase its popularity since the early 1900s. Also check out, presidents on Coins - what presidents are on coin money and see pictures of both head and tail sides.

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Why No Living Person's Face Is Allowed on.S. Nerdwallet notes that: Changes are coming: The,.S. Eisenhower edit Eisenhower dollar Coins for circulation Eisenhower Dollar coin. George Washington certainly fits the bill as being among the "persons whose places in history the American people know well the Treasury department's only known criteria for deciding whose face goes on.S.

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Commemorative coins edit Abraham Lincoln commemorative half dollar 1918 commemorative half dollar Illinois 100th statehood anniversary 1991 Mount Rushmore commemorative coin series Half dollar Silver dollar 5 gold piece 2009 Silver dollar commemorating Lincoln's 200th anniversary of birth ( Gettysburg Address ) 5 Banknotes edit. Grant The face of President Ulysses.