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By, brian Palenske, our Scorpio Woman and Gemini Man compatibility rating. The Keys to Success, promises and plans are made to be adjusted. She looks at it like a game, a pleasant pastime, nothing too serious and definitely not something that should be dealt with on a deep level.

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Keen Category: Astrology Advice, gemini men and Scorpio women ending up in a relationship together is quite rare. Born-leaders, they are assertive, as opposed to aggressive, but can come down hard on those they feel are suspicious or untrustworthy. Stay away from manipulation because youve met your match. While this is a frustration for any sign, it simply becomes too much for Gemini, as his gift with words seems to do little to assuage her fears.

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

Overall, they are hardworking and relatively flexible for any position. And why is that?

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You just chose to look at a small part of his personality and mistakenly assume that that small part of his personality defines his complete personality. The mysterious beauty of the Scorpio woman deeply stimulates the Gemini man and compels him to fall in the relationship. How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as a Gemini Man: Most Scorpio women are interested in any man in sight because they love the power of their sexual allure. She is mysterious, enigmatic, extremely possessive, and has a knack of stinging those who hurt her. For the Gemini man and Scorpio woman, compatibility is unstable and unpredictablebut they quite like it that way.

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Normally he takes other virtues over sex, whereas she finds that it is a top quality her lover should possess. Expect him to want to know where you are and what you're doing, and other secrets or things that you'd prefer to keep private. More Information: Please visit our, scorpio Relationship.

Gemini, woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility, ask Oracle

Scorpios Dont Like Being Played, at the other end of the equation, Gemini men, you have to fully understand this. This advice is crucial for Scorpio woman and Gemini man love compatibility. Your Scorpio woman is the wrong woman to play with. If Gemini woman genuinely loves him, there is a possibility with some teaching and charm that he can show her what it is that he so desires in his lover and can even put flame to her passion. Both planets are direct and forceful, but Pluto adds an extra dimension of depth to the equation.

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But once the magic wears off and you failed to keep it real, you have another thing coming to you. She is very sexual and very sensual, and she brings a huge depth of emotion to the couples love life. But the very differences that attracted them to each other in the first place can turn into serious issues as time goes. The persuasion here, could be love that his woman gives him, and trust and faith that she puts in him.