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BitBay is a decentralized transaction marketplace that is set up in a similar fashion to what we might refer to as its namesake eBay. The company has used what it calls a double deposit escrow system so as to pretty much entirely remove the incentive from either buyer or seller to act maliciously when conducting a transaction. This makes it more attractive for use as a currency to buy physical goods. He didnt have the money to hire other developers, and volunteer developers helped out occasionally. Additionally, next quarter, the company is set to implement whats called a dynamic peg, which essentially allows for pegging of BAY to USD (or another fiat) at the time of a deal closing so as to ensure that the buyer and seller dont have.

What is BitBay (BAY)?

The coin currently trades for just shy.37 apiece, up from.07 apiece on December. The time lock and other smart contract elements make it possible to create bets, escrow, futures and options trades, or any number of other financial transactions. If the product arrives in good condition and the buyer has paid in full, both parties signal a successful transaction and the double escrow is released back to the parties. Please login or register to start managing your portfolio.

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It would have been easy for David to fold at that point and give up on the project, but he didnt. The original founders misled investors and never intended to build the platform.

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There are integrations for Tor and other proxies that help anonymize your connection to the marketplace. More importantly, it adds a lot of overhead to the cost of operating the marketplace if you need to resolve disputes.

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Pair, last price 24 volume, bittrex, bAY/BTC.,909, cryptopia, bAY/BTC. There are other GUI wallets for holding BAY, as well. This means the money supply fluctuates in such a way that the value of BAY stays relatively flat.

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As opposed to the wild price swings we see in other cryptocurrencies, BAY will maintain a fairly even, but dynamic value. Its seemingly a great solution for other niche applications as well, where groups of people arent served by existing marketplaces.

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So what is BAY and why do we like it so much? This gives the overall BAY ecosystem a market capitalization of 368 million and, over the last 24 hours, we saw volume hit more than 18 million meaning a little over 25 of the total outstanding coins changed hands. Its easy to create a multisignature wallet for added security.