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Access and use of these websites owned by third parties will be mage under the responsibility of the user. Cookies for customising the user interface. Cookies are very small and they do not cause any harm on the computer. Between 19 the exchange rate was tightly controlled by the Central Bank of Brazil, so that the real depreciated slowly and smoothly in relation to the dollar, dropping from near 1:1 to about.2:1 by the end of 1998. Second series (2010present) edit On 3 February 2010, the Central Bank of Brazil announced a new series of the real banknotes which would begin to be released in April 2010.

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Exchange rates edit Historical exchange rate edit Historical USD/BRL exchange rate with Lowest, Highest and Average rates Historical USD/BRL exchange rate Brazilian Reals per USD Year Lowest Highest Average Date Rate Date Rate Rate 2002 11 April.264 10 October.005. For instance, sula11 is a unit comprising one common stock and two preferred stocks issued by Sul Amrica.A.

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Sustainability indexes edit ICO2 : Efficient Carbon Index is granted to companies who complies with efficient efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions and are eligible for ibrx. Both coins contain the inscriptions "FAO - 1945/1995" and "alimentos para todos" (food for all). 12 1 real Release date: 12 September 2002 Occasion: The 100th birth anniversary of Brazilian former president Juscelino Kubitschek Units produced: 50 million Reverse: A face portrait of Kubitschek. The notes have different sizes according to their values to help vision-impaired people.

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Sector indexes edit IEE : Electric Power Index indx : Industrial Index icon : Consumption Index imob : Real estate Index ifnc : Financial Index (comprising banks, credit card processors, insurance companies, etc.) imat : Basic Materials Index (representing raw materials, pulp paper, packaging, steel. Eight different currencies in 50 years.

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Combined with all previous currency changes in the country's history, this reform made the new real equal.75 1018 (2.75 quintillions ) of Brazil's original "ris". Ibra : Brazil Broad-Based Index, it comprises a wider range of companies, aiming to embrace 99 of all companies already selected for any other exchange indexes. In 1990, the negotiations through the Sistema de Negociao Electrnica - cats (Computer Assisted Trading System) was simultaneously operated with the traditional system of "Prego Viva Voz" ( open outcry ).

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Brazil introduces new 10- and 20-real banknotes. 50 centavos Obverse : Head of Republic. Then, in the 2002 crisis, the Brazilian real depreciated down to its minimum value.25 US dollars. 10 11 1 real Release date: 10 December 1998 Occasion: The 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Units produced: 600 thousand Reverse: The official logo of the commemorations; in bas-relief, a human figure.