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In 2017, the A2P SMS market total revenue amounted.1 billion.S. Smschains blockchain technology would connect the SMS aggregators with app users, so the aggregators would be able to enjoy, on average, 40 percent lower costs, according to Oleg Makarov, chief operating officer of smschain.

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Canopus will issue tokens called smsto in a two-part ICO in October and November. Promotional SMS messaging is not a marketing route which is as popular as it used to be a decade ago.

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Not so fast, of course, nothing is perfect. People behind the project Our Team Our team brings over 10-years of experience in the Telecom SMS industry, namely working as international SMS Aggregators, as well as functioning as large consumer of SMS services purchased from leading mobile network operators. In the coming years, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa are also expected to witness significant growth in their A2P SMS markets. Machines can calculate much faster than people and, considering the stakes, this is what most of us would want. With Blockchain, theres a chance to change how people engage in transactions.

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Nonetheless, lets consider what Blockchain is and what it can do for a world that's constantly advancing in the various technology fields. It will reduce the price of A2P SMS service by up to 6 times for businesses and it will create an opportunity for people to earn up to 300 per month. Transactions are recorded, allowing for transparency and an indication that no shady dealings are occurring. Today, such companies buy text-messaging capability from service providers, such as AT T Inc., or from so-called SMS aggregators. Birdchain is an Instant messaging app that allows you to automatically sell unused SMS and earn money!

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A2P SMS market growth AND forecast SMS chain Mobile App SMS chain Mobile App install AND start making money automatically All smschain users with at least 1 token can install the smschain app and start making money from unused SMS messages automatically, all while the. Many of the unlimited free text message contracts stipulate that these texts may not be used for business messaging. Various Telecom companies (SMS Aggregators) that offer SMS Gateway services aggregate billions of A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS messages on a monthly basis. To understand Blockchain, the best way is to simply think of a ledger.

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Smschain provides an Android application and technical blockchain infrastructure that enables the delivery and semi-automatic trade of SMS messages between Units and SMS Aggregators. Weight (kWU) minutes 349.98 1,275. In an ICO, a startup creates a new digital currency that investors can use to do business with the company. By, blockchain Team, may 07, 2018, welcome to the inaugural edition of our support teams monthly update! Instead, people communicate via Instant Messaging apps, meaning that billions of free SMS messages go unused every month.

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This is why so many companies are focused on artificial intelligence (AI). Arminas Keraitis Lead Developer, birdchain ICO Details, birdchain Verdict. You may enter a block height, address, block hash, transaction hash, hash160, or ipv4 address.