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So, the Geekbench performance of the. Its not an official confirmation, but for now were placing a tentative bet that the cards end up being called Turing rather than Volta. First, lets look at what Turing is before assessing its role in the world of GPUs this year. Thats quite a jump: the Tesla V100 with HBM2 has a bandwidth of 900GB/s, so a putative Volta -based Titan with gddr6 wouldnt be too far behind. The name of the next generation of consumer focused.

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Read on for everything we know about the upcoming GPUs. Intel is moving to 10nm for Cannon Lake, and that was the plan for Volta. .

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When Micron failed to deliver HMC on time. Smartphones have been catching up on the hardware front rapidly, and the amount of DDR4 RAM going into the higher end models is starting to rival that of mid-tier PCs causing a fairly severe RAM shortage.

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RX Vega 64 that they might do a new Intel and pull in the release if AMD gave them serious competition at the high end of the GPU stack. However, as time has gone on weve seen more and more clues that suggest the cards are going to end up being named Turing, suggesting that Nvidia is going to use different naming schemes for its professional and consumer hardware. Volta will look like in our machines, but that doesnt stop me from wishing. Nvidia bet on the Hybrid Memory Cube early.

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The important thing to note about the current market is that Nvidia is not really under any pressure to create new cards. Nvidia graphics cards seems to be anyones guess. The current price of graphics cards is at an all-time high thanks to the increased popularity of cryptocurrency mining, and also the increase in price of the components themselves. Finally, the recent report also suggested Nvidia Turing will be making use of the upgraded.

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First announced at GDC in March 2018, we got the chance to see it running in person at E3 2018, and came away impressed - even if it's clear that the tech is a while off widespread consumer availability. Ray tracing has been used in big budget Hollywood movies for years, but they have the luxury of taking hours or even days to render scenes. The word from Intel CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at Computex 2018 has cast some serious doubt over the release schedule for the latest generation of graphics cards. Well be following the development of the new generation of cards closely, and updating this article when any new rumours (and facts) about the consumer cards surface, so keep checking back.