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Ftse 100, which achieved a return of 25 over the same time period. Trend #1: Platforms Are (Still) King.

5 Cryptocurrency Trends to Guide Your Investment Strategy in 2018

The internet wasnt fast enough, mobile wasnt available, the network effect was minimal. I fell into this at the start of the year and am now trading full time. The ICO craze will most likely continue in 2018, which will further increase the value of platforms that facilitate ICOs. Ethereum (15) Ethereum is different to Bitcoin in that its sole purpose is not to be used as a medium of value exchange. Tell us about your current financial situation.

How To Invest in Cryptocurrencies: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Do Your Own Research (dyor) cant be stressed enough. I wrote a piece in my blog explaining how to trade without giving a fuck, it is worth a read. This question is important because it is the most useful cryptocurrencies that are likely to be widely adopted. Investors tend to focus more on fundamental analysis with technical analysis used to support entry positions and portfolio balancing.

How to build a long-term Crypto portfolio CryptoPotato

Considering the issues our current exchanges are facing, there are massive opportunities for new companies to step in and serve this demand. Even if all the dapps fail, the underlying infrastructure (platform) will hold value. This doesnt mean go all in while an assets price is going down, it means average in as it goes down and/or buy after it settles. Ethereum Market Statistics (as of time of writing Price: 360 Gain Over Past Year: 3600 Market Cap: 34 B Supply: 95,860,438 Litecoin (10) Litecoin is often marketed as being the silver to Bitcoins gold status.

1 Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy For 2018: Is Diversification Key?

What industry is it targeting? On the other hand, privacy is an important niche and if privacy coins continue to adopt new and better technologies, there will always be a need and thus a solid valuation. The above shown pie charts work very well, as they visually display your balance. Avoid the short term price predictions, the next hot ICO, and the mainstream media.